Here Goes Nothin!

Welcome!! Super excited to start this blog. In today’s world its all about sharing and since becoming a stay at home mom, I find it extra special to be able to share all thats going on inside my home with someone other than a wall, my currently 8 month old son or piling it on my husband the minute he gets home! We have been married for almost two years already and are adjusting to life in a new home ( that we LOVE) and being parents to our son James who is ACTIVE ACTIVE ACTIVE and a happy baby, we are so blessed. IMG_4980
I LOVE trying new things. Of course I have my anxieties and nerves about certain adventures but if you are not growing in life, you are standing still and if you are standing still- your life will pass you by!
 In this blog you will truly find a little bit of everything. I am focused on being a fitness coach IMG_5671.JPGwhile also moving along in my own fitness journey of post pregnancy life.
I love Lilly Pulitzer, crafting, art, music and home decor. I also LOVE to bake.
I am not the true baker in my family as my sisters has a made to order bakery that is to die for, but I try to pick up some tips from her and make my own beauties.

I encourage you to dive into these posts. I am excited to share all my successes and fails on my journeys.


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