Closet Organization


I love clothes and I love shopping- maybe that is why I’ve always gravitated towards working in retail because I feel like I’m shopping with other people and spending no money- another unfortunate habit of mine (hehe.) When Michael and I were designing our house- how my closet was laid out was a big deal. I had lived in a townhouse for 10 years that just had a simple strip closet with accordion doors. The fact that the bar didn’t rip out of the wall in that thing is still shocking to me.

When It came to how to lay out this new closet- I wanted to take the time to think of EVERYTHING so that I would never feel unorganized. We didn’t have a ton of extra money, and our builder’s price to put in cabinetry was way higher than we could work in so I did what I always do… put the project on my handyman dad. I knew if I could dream it- he could do it. I have to say for the price we paid and the amount of space I had- I am thrilled with the outcome. Here is how it came to be.

First I scouted out different closet companies and found that mostly they are all similar in composite wood. I wanted a dark finish because of our wood floors. I found a few options between Roth Allen, Closetmaid and easy closets.

My next step before deciding which company I wanted to go with for both Michaelfullsizeoutput_f09
and I- I needed to really see what I needed. We all like to organize our closets different ways. I love to hang most of my items and Mike likes to fold more. I went through mentally all the different categories of clothes we each had, down to our underwear- which I hope no one would hang 😂. We marked it fold or hang on each categories and then broke down how we like to organize. I did sleeve length, season and color. As you can see here in the photos I did the right side of my closet summer and the left side winter items. I also wanted a specific spot for shoes. I am not a shoe bin, or box kinda girl I like them lined up so I know what I havefullsizeoutput_f0a

After we did all of these things we chose closet maid. It had the different systems and combinations that would best fit both of our closets. The one thing about composite wood like this is it is bound to wear out- so my dad and Michael build reinforced wood backings to bolt the bars into so they would always stay strong. To do this and have it match we took a piece to Sherwin Williams, had them match the color of the closet material and then we painted wood after we cut the reinforcements. We also did this in the back of the closefullsizeoutput_f08
ts by painting support pieces and painting them the color of the wall. This ensures that the shelves are strong and that the composite wood won’t give out because there is real wood supporting it. This truly will help with longevity. Next I looked at the categories I had laid out. I thought about how much room I needed or how long I wanted the racks to be for each of these sections. I know I have more summer dresses than sleeveless tops so I let that side of the closet be dress heavy. Each side has one tall section for dresses and then a double section as you can see. The back section has a smaller double section for shorts and skirts. If you’re a Lilly Pulitzer girl- keeping your shorts on display is something to be proud of! This is the focal point for me, all while being organized. On either side of this are storage shelves. The right side has one bar for dress pants and then folded casual pants on the bottom and the left side is for bags and sweatshirts.

While the right side has my shoe shelving the left side has a jewelry mirror and cabinet and there are four drawers underneath that in which I organize Swim, Scarves and Belts. I know the lighting in these pictures isn’t great but it shows you the main things that will help you to organize your own closet


Remember to think first how you like to store things, then look at your space and think about the about of sections you need and built it up from there. The more divisions you make when planning and laying it out- the more organized you can be when its all finished!


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