All About- 21 Day Fix Focus Group

21-Day-FixHere I go again about 21 Day Fix- my love for this program is still strong after over two years. I think I get questions a lot about this because so many people don’t know about it other than the infomercial they have seen or posts that show up on social media. Let me stress that this program truly changed my life and my view on fitness and that is why I keep talking about it because I want it to do the same for others.

First lets talk a little about what this program is made up of. The fitness side has 7 work outs for the main program- since they came out with it, they actually have some extras that I throw in once in a while but overall you have 7, 30 min workouts that are focused cardio, upper, lower, pilates, yoga etc. Each of these 30 min work outs has 1 minute moves that you focus on for a minute before moving on. You do this for three weeks in a row and let me tell you if you complete the 3 weeks- you truly see a difference in yourself, physically and also mentally you see the potential in what you can do.

052315-142.jpgI don’t remember how I first saw this program- but I am so glad that I did because it gave me the muscles I could show off on my wedding day ( look at those back muscles 😊)  and feel awesome on my honeymoon. I wanted to feel amazing for both of these events in my life, and lets get real- who doesn’t want to feel good and confident in their bodies. It’s not about feeling skinny- its about feeling strong and proud of yourself. That is how I wanted to feel and want to feel still after having my son. This program showed me what I could do and also taught me these things-

I love diversity in fitness.💪🏻

I hate Cardio but I’ll do it if its only once a week ( haha 😂)

I don’t have to be a crazy fitness gym goer to see results in 3 weeks.

I can start out with a modifier and see myself grow in particular moves.

I do have abs and they are able to be shown.


If you can relate with me for a minute – I was never good at being ” in shape” I went to the gym, tried to pay attention to the machines and do elliptical and burn calories but I never saw results. Sure, I lost a few pounds here and there but inches? I never paid attention to the muscle I thought I was building and the inches I thought I was losing.

21 day fix literally puts it right in front of you. It shows you the moves you need to get to where you want to go. There is no guessing game. I won’t sit here and tell you that I love all the workout’s or that I started out being able to do every move perfectly- it takes work. The biggest thing though is that even though it takes work- anyone can do this program and not feel defeated. It also only takes 2 sets of a weights- I use 5 and 10 pounds and have a yoga mat. That is all you need.

I also grew a love for Yoga and Pilates during this program because it gave me a starting point for both and then through Beachbody I found other workouts that I could grow and advance on both of these fronts. It just took 21 day fix to prove to me that I could do both these types of workouts and see benefits and that motivated me to move forward and try more. Mentally this was growth for me and I believed in my potential.


Now lets talk about the food containers. I LOVE food- I love sweets and desserts and everything great in life and I eat those but this food program has taught me how to do things in moderation and also how to eat cleaner for most of my main meals. Below are all the foods that it encourages and you can find GREAT recipes that fit within the fix requirements and are so good. This program is about eating clean! Feel overwhelmed by the containers at first? Search Pinterest and you will find so many recipes already measured out for you that you can start there and grow as you go.




I want you to know that this program will work for you if you truly give it a shot. You DO NOT have to be perfect in the beginning- I was not good at all the moves or all the meals. I cheated at times I ate ice cream and snacks but after one round you will see some results and then you will want to do more because of the potential that you mentally feel.

If you are like me and still feel like you need motivation then this focus group is for you. I will be helping you on every part for a full round. For me this is about working out- about challenging your body to grow in a healthy way, even if its just a little. Don’t think you need to give up everything and kill yourself to get in shape- you can do this and feel amazing and feel like you physically are doing more than getting thin.

If I can do this through my postpartum life with an 8th month old, you can do it too. You have 30 minutes. What you need is the belief and the chance to give yourself what you deserve.

You deserve to feel good this summer, You deserve to realize that it doesn’t take CRAZY limits to get to where you want to be- you are allowed to grow as you go so take this chance because in three weeks you can be wishing or you can be rewarding yourself.


  • If you are interested in the Focus Group, I have 4 spots left. Get set up now as it starts May 15th and goes four 4 weeks. Contact me on Facebook or at



Till my next dabble. xoxo



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