Floral Frenzy

A line from my favorite movie ( Devil Wears Prada) captures it perfectly when Meryl Streep says ” Florals for Spring.. Groundbreaking.” Yes, we all think that flowers and spring go hand in hand but this year I am loving all the designs that have “bloomed” this season. I am constantly surfing the web trying to find that thing I can’t live without and wanted to show some current favorites I’ve found.

express Two of my best friends both work for Express and because of this I’ve started to pay attention more to the lines they come out with and have found that I really enjoy a lot of things still from there. I used to be a die hard, than thought I was too old and now am finding my love again for so many of the styles they are coming out with . ❤️ This floral top is cute, versatile and I love the detail on the top of the sleeve. It is so dainty the perfect peek. I also love this fabric because it doesn’t cling, is airy and looks great on so many body types. This top is also 49.90 which is a great price point. If you love this print but not the top, they offer the print in some other pieces on their site so it is worth checking out.

chicwish'The next piece is from Chic Wish. This site has completely come to life because of all my other blogger friends. I have gotten a number of dresses and love everything that I have ordered from here. I love this skirt but my favorite factor about it would be TEXTURE. The  texture that is created when you have the flowers crocheted in this way adds so much not to mention the bottom. I also LOVE the color of this skirt. The soft sky blue honesty is different than most of the blue’s I’ve seen this season and you can either keep it soft pairing it with a white or off white silk or cotton top or contrast it with a light mint, yellow or pink accent whether it be a top, shoes or belt.

Vintage touches are like little memories when they are stamped on clothing. This dress screams  ” LETS GO BAKE A PIE” in the best way. I love the print and contrast of this dress. It truly is a conversation piece and the collar on the top gives it that finished look. ModCloth does it well SO often but this tops it for me this season also because the price point is at $100.00

nordstromThe next piece is one that when I saw it it truly screamed my sister to me because she looks great in these shorter peplum looks. If you have a shorter waist or are petite- This top is perfect for you. I loved the shadowed look of the flowers and the pink accents. This top also is offered in four prints which is never a bad thing. I found this on the one place that I truly can find everything. Nordstrom.com. So many options and a lot of diversity in the types of things they are offered. I could spend hours and hours on Nordstrom and always find something new and interesting. Plus lets me honest the free shipping NEVER GETS OLD.

romper Rompers! Do not be afraid of the romper. I feel like I need to say this first because SO many women would look at this and say- I could never wear that and never even try one on when Rompers, like dresses can be for so many and come in so many different styles. LOFT did this so right with the ruffle detail and the print shift at the bottom pulling your eye from the waist and adding length to the overall design. I also like the depth in this design. It isn’t the normal pastel that you see in the springtime and that allows you to add your own other dress accessories to this. If you find a romper you like this season, do not be scared to try it, it can be appropriate and beautiful on so many.

seagateNow if you know me you know that I saved the best for last and this is simply the best because I am a Lilly girl through and through. If you need any kind of brightening in your life- Lilly will give it to you. Because I’m sure I will be posting all of my favorite new releases for Lilly when it comes to everyday wear, I thought I would add something that will be that piece you’ll be glad you have into the summer. This cover up in Jungle Hoppin gives you the tropical flower glow and is so simple to pair with any bathing suit. I love the abstract flowers in this design and the palm leaf detail. 🌴

I can’t wait to break out all my florals since warm weather has set in. Being pregnant last spring and summer has made me super excited to be back in some of my favorite pieces and also left me wanting some new fresh pieces since I was rocking the maternity look last year and missed a lot of the season. Now if only my true floral garden in my yard could look as full and awesome as my closet does.

Till my next dabble xoxo


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