Cinco De Mayo Burrito Bowls!

Lately Taco Tuesdays have been very similar around here because we are SO obsessed with IMG_2678these burrito bowls. I never had tried them because sometimes I see combinations and automatically think- that wouldn’t be good together…. BOY I WAS WRONG. I absolutely love this recipe and its a pretty quick prep time. Especially if you prep the
chicken early.

Because it’s Cinco De Mayo, I thought I’d share what I put into this fiesta in a bowl. We add these things:

Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Avocado ( a must!!) chicken, quinoa and Rice mix, black beans,  cheese and if I’m feeling like a small cheat- sour cream 😍. I also think corn would be amazing but I try to stay low on the starches IMG_7674
Prep Time is easy because I usually just get a 90 second rice heat up and then the chicken is easy to season with some taco seasoning.  I usually wait till the chicken is almost done to drain the beans and pop the quinoa in the IMG_7675microwave.  The chicken is so simple to make on the stove top. I just use kitchen shears and cut it up into chunks and throw it into a pan and dump the taco seasoning over it. Then I do something a little different but I pour some water over it and this helps so much to keep the chicken moist and let the taco flavoring cook in. I let it cook there for a bit tossing it every once in a while to make sure its cooked through. I do this for about 20-25 minutes depending how many chicken breasts I do, usually its two. IMG_7676

Mean while I cut up my other additions and have them ready to arrange in our bowls. All in all this is usually about a 30 minutes or under recipe and it truly fills you up. It is so good and best of all good for you! Once you’ve put it all in your bowl, all you need to do is pop on a pandora fiesta station and a sombrero  and you’ve got yourself a party. 💃🏻

I hope you try this! If you do or if you add anything to your own recipes that you think would be a great addition to ours let me know!


Till my next dabble xoxo.


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