Transformation Tuesday!

Fitness is important to me! It is not about feeling skinny or depriving myself of all thingsIMG_6803 YUMMY, it is truly about learning and growing to better the health of myself and feeling stronger and better in my day to day choices. I want to make choices I’m proud of and choices I ENJOY ( sometimes that donuts, and thats okay) When you DO the work and MAKE the small changes its okay to indulge sometimes, that is life and you deserve it. I am not someone who could give up sweets. I love to bake and can hardly go to bed without something little as a snack.

I have evolved over the past two years in my own fitness journey. SO many things have changed in my life over these last two years including marriage, moving and a baby!! The biggest thing is the fact that I am now responsible and raising someone else. Being a role model and setting a great example for our family is important to both Michael and I. IMG_4808We want to be healthy- to be around for our children, to teach them great habits and to be able to run, jump and play with them all while feeling our best! For years I had yo-yo dieted and spent hours on the eliptical thinking I’d get off and have abs. I never had tone, or muscle. I never could get over the hump of feeling thin vs FIT!

I began my main fitness journey when Michael and I got engaged because well- I had a goal.. ( Isn’t that how it mostly goes, we procrastinate till we truly have something we want to look and feel incredible for?… as if life isn’t enough for us to want to feel incredible everyday for. ) Well I had a goal of being the bride I saw in my mind and I wanted to build muscle and trim myself in inches. I had great results with 21 day fix for that and the nutrition side of this program taught me to pay attention of what it meant to eat clean most of the time. The results were crazy, different from anything I’d done and the best thing was it was attainable and I felt awesome doing it- not overwhelmed. I also have a crazy good superfood shake that feeds me nutrients everyday and makes lunch easy with a baby

I think a big hiccup that most of us hit is that we get stuck in this rut of HEALTHY FOOD= IMG_7779GROSS. This is so not true! Eating clean is truly about making most of your choices be things with 5 ingredients or less. You can work this into your life more than you think!

I truly believe in trying one new recipe and one new vegetable or fruit each time I go to the grocery store. This helps me to grow in my taste for food and my radius of what I eat, making more options that can be good ones because it gets so BORING eating the SAME OLD THING. ( doesn’t this make you picture someone with celery on your plate over and over? ) That is not REAL life. I still snack but I maintain my choices to mostly be healthy and I workout to get myself to the best version of me that I can be in real life!


After having James I jumped back on the train and started my 30 minute targeted workouts a day. I grew with these and they truly have gotten me back to a place I can be proud of! I have lost over 50 pounds since having him and ready to take the summer on. I am so glad I MADE the choice and DID the work to make fitness a staple in our lives, it matters so much and it doesn’t feel like a chore.  The biggest challenge is getting started but if you believe in yourself ( Which you should!) After a few weeks you truly feel tighter and your confidence sky rockets blasting you onto bigger better and amazing things that will only feed your soul, spirit and tummy with goodness!


IMG_5397Now I am helping other women on the same journey and this makes me feel so fulfilled that I can help others while still bettering my own life and growing more each day with tiny steps to better myself! If you are stuck in your own fitness journey and need a jump start! Message me! I am so thankful to God for putting this opportunity in my life and love sharing it with others!


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