Wreath Wonderland

This year I started to make my own wreaths. First I did it because the house we were building had a glass front door so I wanted some accented privacy. I also did it because I couldn’t find any that I like and I love a good challenge and a good craft.

I love how much this hobby has turned into almost a business for me. It also has been very good for my soul to be creating something so frequently. I truly build onto to each wreath and love the ideas for new designs that come when I get a new order. 18422552_3758703894261_129524976210536392_o

The best part about this new hobby is that this spring my family ( my mom and aunt) were cleaning out my grandmothers home who passed away 3 years ago after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s . I was very close to my grandmother and she was known for her craft ability. I always remember her doing crafts especially sewing and she would always encourage us to do our own creations. Once my wreath hobby had exploded and my dining room turned into my craft area,18402180_3756991851461_8995350667272620021_o My mom shared with me that my grandmother was a huge wreath maker! I never remembered this.
She would build wreaths and sell them where she volunteered at the hospital gift shop. She also did a lot of personal orders. My mom had found her wreath “tool box” full of pliers, glue, wire etc, in her home while cleaning it out.

My mom gave me this box and it is SO special to me. It has driven me to open my own Etsy shop. I feel like it is something so special that I found out after my grandmother has been gone for 3 years. It is a special way for me to share something that she was talented in also! I use all of the tools she used now and even traded to her glue gun because it was so much better than mine 😂18156213_3741047292857_9114328683289974831_o

I am so grateful for all the support and sales I have had and can’t wait to dress more front doors! If you are interested in looking at designs I’ve done or if you are interested in a custom order. I can create whatever you like!
Visit my etsy shop at : https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheFloralFocal?ref=profile_shopname


Till my next dabble xoxo18451631_3759841242694_6227977429079970035_o


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